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New Canadian Asylum System Comes into Force on December 15, 2012

Canadian immigration minister has announced that country’s new asylum system will become effective from December 15, 2012. The asylum claims will be expedited for applicants from the countries which have been producing bogus claimants. The applicants will not be allowed to work in Canada for at least first six months and will not have any kind of access tomedical benefits. The Minister has estimated that about 25% of the claimants will be from the safe countries.

58Jason Kenney, Canada’s Citizenship andImmigration Minister has announced on Friday November 30, 2012 that new Canadian asylum system will come into force on 15th of December, 2012.

“Our changes,” said Minister Kenney, “will make Canada’s asylum system faster and fairer.”

The applications of the asylum seekers who will be from the Minister’s designate safe country will be fast tracked with an hearing in 30 to 40 days. They will not have the right of appeal and are expected to be removed from Canada within one year after their arrival.

The Minister Kenney will also reveal the list of designate countries on December 15, 2012.

Mr. Kenney said, “Our system took so long to get around to removing false claimants, unfounded claimants who did not actually need our protection and in some cases, were seeking to abuse Canada’s generosity.”

Refugee claimants will be barred from taking up employment in Canada unless their applicationhave been lodged for more than six months awaiting decision. They will also not be eligible to receive health care coverage not even in the medical emergency.

The Minister believes that new Canadian asylum system will reduce the processing times and deter the bogus refugee claimants.

“We believe the new system,” said the Minister, “will substantially reduce the attractiveness of making unfounded claims and will therefore allow us to focus our resources more on the bona fide refugees who actually do need our protection.”

Canada allowed about 13000 asylum claimants in the year 2011 and about half of the applicationsout of 34,257 were not approved.

It is estimated that by removing the bogus refugee claims faster from Canada will save provinces and territories $1.6 billion over five years in social assistance and education costs.

Under the new system, failed asylum claimants will be removed from Canada within a year of their final Immigration and Refugee Board decision, compared to the current situation in which it generally takes 4.5 years to exhaust all resources and remove a failed asylum claimant.


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