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Australia Streamline Visa Processing

Complete Information on Australia Streamline Visa Processing for Student Visa Program

Streamline visa processing is an initiative of Australia Government for the genuine students intend to study higher education in Australian top Universities. Australia has issued a list of Universities which comes under streamline visa processing.

Recent changes in Australian Student Visa Program have been implemented in month of March. The majority of the stage two Knight recommendations have been commenced on 24 and 26 March 2012. Other stage two recommendations will be commence before end of 2012.

To be Consider under Streamline Visa Processing

  1. Applicant must be studying their principle course at a participating University.
  2. Applicant must be studying a principle course at the Bachelors, Masters or PHD level    or be participating in an eligible exchange program.
  3. Applicant must submit a COE for all intended courses at the time of visa application.
  4. All courses must be at a participating University or a nominated business partner of a participating University, in case of packaged courses.

Admission Requirement of Universities under Streamline Visa Processing

Australian Government has issues a list of 41 Universities who are eligible education provider under the Streamline Visa Processing. Now University will be the responsible for the genuineness of the applicant.

  1. University will conduct the interview of the applicant and assess the document thoroughly whether applicant completes the minimum eligibility criteria of that particular program or not.
  2. University can ask for the financial details and funds to be submitted along with application. Current Funds covering applicant’s tuition fee, living expenses and traveling cost are acceptable.
  3. University can ask for the evidence of income of the applicant’s family.

Australia High Commission Document Requirements under Streamline Visa Processing

Australian Government trying to make Student visa program more simple and fast.

  1. Form 157A Application to visit Australia for a Student Visa
  2. Electronic Confirmation of Enrollment (eCOE)
  3. Passport
  4. Relation Proof if applying with Spouse or Dependent Visa.
  5. Evidence of Income like :  Salary, Income Tax Return, Current Bank Statements ( Strongly Recommended)

Major benefits to Genuine Applicants:

  1. No Old Funds Required
  2. Fast Visa processing ( Approximately in 7 Working Days)

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